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Meet James

Entrepreneur, coach, husband, father and motivational speaker

James is an entrepreneur, who has a passion for helping others follow their dreams. James challenges each individual, to get past their fear and start dreaming again. 

He delivers keynotes and training about taking steps towards your dreams, leadership and stepping into your purpose. 

James believes that the real you, is in your imagination. Why Not follow your dream or step into your purposes. Imagine working with James to transform your dream to reality. 

James is a dynamic and determined speaker.  His passion can be felt throughout the room. He connects to his audiences with humor, inspiration and real steps towards making their dream, a reality. He is very entertaining and gives great information. James challenges his audience to pick up their dream again and to step into it, while being afraid. 

James is committed to motivating today's achievers and leaders. He tells this audiences to Create Your Dream While You Stand In your Fear, The Only Person Who Can Stop You, Is YOU, Overcoming DoubtFacing Your Fear and Why Not

James has evolved his role from keynote speaker to a leading trainer, creating personal-and-professional workshop learning experiences. 

James also focuses on the importance of effective communication and building relationships/partnerships, to help create a winning situation for your dream.  

It's time to pick up

your Dream again.

James W. Littlejohn Jr.


There are people waiting for you to step into your purpose. 

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